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As of 6/3/17 we have  $208,000 in pledges and donations. We are close to our goal of  $242,000. A big thank you to all of the parish members and organizations that have supported this project.




It has begun! A year and a half of planning and preparation. Demolition started on  Saturday April 22


The old paneling was removed and the pews were loosened. The carpet was removed and exposed some floor tile from a previous time.

This Gem was found in the bell tower over the old church entrance,covered by the paneling. It will refurbished and repurposed in the entryway of the church.


Update 5.52017

Scaffolding is up and work is progressing

View of the Sanctuary from the choir loft.

patching the ceiling by the organ chest


Progress week ending 5.12.17

The entry way has been stripped of the paneling,new electric wiring installed for exterior lighting.

The plywood at the peak covered the old bell tower stained glass windows. The window will be refurbished and backlighted and displayed at the entry way at the peak.

The brickwork will be cleaned and refurbished and left exposed



The new reconciliation room has been rough framed and wiring has been installed.

Insulation will be installed for sound control.

View of the south east back of church. Walls are being patched and painted. The side walls where the plaster has been stripped are being prepped to receive drywall and then a plaster coat to match existing plaster


Week Ending 5.20.17 update

It was a busy week around the site, The lower walls were plastered in preparation for paint. The base coat of paint is applied on the ceiling and upper walls. Decorative stenciling has begun on the ceiling. The entryway and new reconciliation room have been insulated and passed their electrical inspection and are ready to receive their sheetrock.The Alter and Sanctuary area continue to develop. The rough framing for the stairs is installed.

It is truly exciting to see and be part of the transformation.

In order to make sure the floor will not deflect when the marble is applied in the Sanctuary, the floor had to be leveled and shored up. The massive beam with its keyed joint was sagging. Lead carpenter Rick Pahl with Lee Bluel, Don Charapata, Mark Walcheske and Jodi Stegar installed footings to support the 3 column post that were used to jack the floor up to level and support the area under the Alter. Additional beams were installed to support the sagging structure by the team. 


New plaster applied to walls where paneling was removed. The area was blended to match the existing. 

Completed stencil around light pendant.


Work continues as the design is implemented. This week the entry and reconciliation room were insulated with spray foam by Dave Schwemer


The drywall was applied to the entry and reconciliation room and the joints were muded in preparation of painting.

The entry brickwork was tuck pointed and bricks reset by Lee Bluel. They will be cleaned and left exposed as is.

The sanctuary floor has been raised per the design. The Ambo will be reset back from its original location to improve the celebrants sight line to the front pew. A sample of the column marble faux paint can be seen under the scaffolding.




the sanctuary subfloor is complete

The Rerados is primed and the steps roughed in. Art work is being applied.

Front entry and reconciliation room are primed ready for paint.


The project is moving forward and we are at about 60% completion. The general painting is 90% complete and the design is beautiful. The lights have been repainted and upgraded.

The pews are removed in this photo and the travertine tile is being prepped for installation


Week Ending 7.30.2017

It is a very exciting time as the church is nearing completion. Millwork, carpet and the finishing touch's are being completed in anticipation of the reopening. A couple of more weeks and we should be complete.

Here we see the new carpet is installed with a protective plastic over it. The front pew frontals have been cut back to accommodate wheelchair  access. The new kneelers are installed.

The new stations of the cross. Purchased from Pennsylvania. These are "turn of the last century" pieces were made about the same time St Theresa's was built.

Interior doors for the reconciliation/crying room and new entry doors.

This week, there will be a big push to finish the entry millwork,doors and carpet. The lighted arch was built to receive the stained glass window that was covered up in the bell tower. This window will be sent out to be repaired/refurbished and reset in its frame. When completed in October, it will be installed in this custom opening. The LED lights will backlight the stained glass and illuminate it. The sliding barn style entry doors are hung. This is the street view.


Week Ending 8.19.17

Stations hung, carpet is protected with plastic. Final paint touch ups completed!

New carpet in Sacristy and bathrooms

Alter furniture set in place. Santuary lamp waiting to be installed.

New design and old design

Refurbished entry way, waiting for final carpet. Railings installed.