Closing Info

If Mayville Public Schools call a late start or cancels school for the day, the St. Mary School will have a late start or be cancelled also, even if St. Mary school is not mentioned specifically. You will see CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS on Channel 4 WTMJ or hear them on WMDC 98.87 FM radio.

St. Mary’s Child Care will be OPEN for late starts. We will start our day as usual and add staffing to cover until the school day starts. If there is an unscheduled early release, we will contact parents. Children should be picked up within two hours of school closing. If you are running late, please call 920-387-2920 x340 to inform child care staff.
If the Mayville Public School calls school off because of weather, this includes St. Mary School. St. Mary’s Child Care will also be CLOSED if school is closed.

St. Mary School in Mayville, Wisconsin

Welcome to St. Mary School in Mayville, Wisconsin!

Our Mission Statement:

St. Mary School is rooted in Catholic values and committed to academic excellence. We are dedicated to forming a child of God who knows, loves and lives the faith.

St. Mary's offers 3K through 2nd grades and is currently enrolling new students. To inquire further, please call 920-387-2920 ext. 328. Thank you & God bless!


St. Mary Catholic School

28 Naber St., Mayville, Wi 53050


Phone Extensions:

335 - Father Tom Biersack

336 - Kathy Ritger, DRE

328 - Danielle Wiedmeyer, School Secretary

329 - Mrs. Kirs Ries, School Principal

330 - Ms. Kristie Gripentrog, 1st Grade Teacher

332 - Mrs. Mary Goetz, 2nd Grade Teacher

342 - Mrs. Kara Fehring, Kindergarten Teacher




 Accreditation Status of St. Mary School

St. Mary School is a fully accredited educational institution. The teachers at the school are all licensed by the state of Wisconsin. St. Mary School has proven compliance with the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association (WRISA) educational standards. All religious and independent schools in Wisconsin that have been in operation with students for at least two years and meet extensive eligibility criteria may apply to WRISA for accreditation. St. Mary School successfully completed an Accreditation Visit by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and WRISA in October, 2012.  The school was highly praised by the Accreditation Team.




St. Mary School Mission Statement

St. Mary School is rooted in Catholic values and committed to academic excellence. It is dedicated to forming a child of God who knows, loves and lives the faith.



St. Mary School Philosophy

St. Mary School, as a Catholic Christian community strive to educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, and aesthetically. This is achieved in the spirit of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, through example, instruction, and discipline.

Parents are recognized as the primary educators.  Their participation is encouraged in all areas.

Under the guidance of the staff, the systematic progression of education is carried out.  The student is taught by example to love and respect his/her own dignity as a child of God.  The student is also prepared to make meaningful decisions to face the world today and tomorrow. 

Through varied learning activities and methods of instruction, St. Mary School provides a curriculum for the formation of the whole child, rooted in the tradition of the Catholic faith.