Who's Who




St Andrew/St Mary/St Theresa Fr. Tom Biersack Pastor
St Andrew/St Mary/St Theresa Julie Spittel Parish Secretary/Webster
St Andrew/St Mary/St Theresa Rose Wild Parish Bookkeeper
St Mary's School Mary Yauck Principal
St Mary's School Danielle Wiedmeyer School Secretary/Webmaster
Christian Formation Kathy Ritger Director of Religious Education
RCIA Kathy Ritger Webster
Adult and Family Ministry Kathy Ritger Webster
Young Adult Ministry Kathy Ritger Webster
Youth Ministry Kathy Ritger Webster
Pastoral Council Rick Torn Chairperson
Pastoral Council Greg Petri Webster
St Andrew Building & Grounds TBA Chairperson
St Andrew Building & Grounds Sue Weinberger Webster
St Mary Building & Grounds TBA Chairperson
St Mary Building & Grounds TBA Webster
St Theresa Building & Grounds Mark Warcheske Chairperson
St Theresa Building & Grounds Mark Warcheske Webster
Human Concerns Cindy Thomas Chairperson
Human Concerns Amy Castellion Webster
Social Justice TBA Webster
Health Ministry Bob Gionet Webster
St. Vincent de Paul Sue Weinberger Chairperson
St. Vincent de Paul Margie Cramer Webster
Spiritual Life & Worship Karen Scheberl Chairperson
Spiritual Life & Worship Diane Vollmer Webster
St Ann Sodality Karen Scheberl Chairperson
St Ann Sodality Bonnie Pahl Webster
Pro-Life Lourdeen Robson Webster
Stewardship TBA Chairperson
Stewardship TBA Webster
Knights of Columbus-Lomira TBA President
Knights of Columbus-Lomira Greg Petri Webster
Knights of Columbus-Mayville TBA President
Knights of Columbus-Mayville TBA Webster
Catholic Order of Foresters TBA President
Catholic Order of Foresters Karen Bodden Webster
Website Cindy Thomae Webmaster
Grief Support Bob Gionet Chairperson
Grief Support Bob Gionet Webster
St Andrew's Historian TBA Historian/Webster
St Mary's Historian TBA Historian/Webster
St Theresa's Historian Karen Bodden Historian/Webster
St Andrew Photographer Cindy Thomae Photographer/Webster
St Mary Photographer TBA Photographer/Webster
St Theresa Photographer TBA Photographer/Webster