Why did I choose to send my kids to St. Mary's School?

Honestly, I sent them because of my friend Kathy and her boys.  The Mittelstadt boys (Andy, Dano and Nick) were good kids when I met them and now they've grown into handsome, successful men.  They were all-boy, but respectful and I wanted a school to support my parenting efforts, that is why we chose St. Mary's.

As my boys grew, I could see the rewards from our choice to send them to St. Mary's.  I will admit, it wasn't always easy to keep rising to the bar that was sent so high.  My kids would get frustrated now and then, but without challenges, there is no growth.  When my boys got into high school, I admit I would go to parent/teacher conferences just to hear what good, respectful kids they were.  It helped me feel good about myself as a parent, but parents not only raise a child, the village raises the child.  St. Mary's was our village.

My sons are in college and both are doing very well.  We credit their study skills and work ethic to their years at St. Mary's.  I am saddened to see smaller classes and fewer grades.  I want everyone to have the wonderful experiences my sons had at St. Mary's.  So many life-long friendships were made for my family at St. Mary's School.  I made so many friends from volunteering together.  My boys still have friends that they met in preschool.


Happy Friday!  I just wanted to let you all know how impressed we were with what a GREAT job the kids did at the concert last night!  Your patience and hard work was evident!  Also, just wanted to thank you for taking such wonderful care of our boys and doing an amazing job teaching them!  We are in awe daily with how much they have learned in the past couple months.  We really appreciate your hard work and dedication...all part of the reasons we love St. Mary's!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Sara Decker

Reasons why we chose St. Mary's:

1.  We chose St. Mary's because of the Daycare/School connection also because of the personal attention that our child receives at the school as well as the integration our faith in our child's day.

2.  Personal connection.  The teachers and staff know your child.


We chose to send our daughter to St. Mary's School because it will help to build a good foundation for her on which to build her life.

The values and morals that we are trying to instill in our daughter at home are reinforced by the wonderful staff at St. Mary's.  At her young age, she is able to absorb so much and still be excited about what she is learning.

We love to see how excited and enthusiastic she is when she tells us about what she has learned about God and our faith.

Christa Megal