Religious Education


(Message from the Director)


In our combined, three parish program, we see each student as a unique and cherished gift from God.

We are committed to working with families to help students grow in faith by proclaiming the message of Jesus, helping them to serve others, and providing prayer opportunities.

Our excellent team of catechists help stimulate creativity and interest by using a variety of learning formats and educational techniques.

Through our religious education program we feel that catechists and parents, working together, can only enrich each other as we share our gift of faith.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site.       

                                                                             Kathy Ritger, Director

Our combined parish program (St. Mary's/St. Andrew's/St. Theresa's) meets in Mayville, Wisconsin at the St. Mary's school site, 28 Naber Street. Our classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. for grades Kindergarten through second; and on Wednesday evening for grades three through eleven (different dates and times for different grade levels).




JULY 2020  See Below (1) JANUARY 2021  No Meeting
AUGUST 2020   No Meeting FEBRUARY 2021 See Below (3)  
SEPTEMBER 2020  No Meeting MARCH 2021 No Meeting
OCTOBER 2020 See Below (2) APRIL 2021 Meeting 4/19
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 2020/2021 MEETING MINUTES........

(3) MEETING MINUTES -- February 22, 2021

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Bob Jamrozy, Mary Ognenoff, Vicky Hartrwig, Debbie Krapfl

ABSENT: Bonita Mangan

Minutes from our last meeting were lost, so unable to review and approve.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the second semester of virtual Christian Formation classes are going well. She has received positive feedback from some of the parents and students have been finishing their work.

First Reconciliation took place February 24th. The second graders will now begin preparation for First Eucharist. The Confirmatiuon retreat will be held the first weekend in March at St. Andrew's parish hall. 

As of now, Kathy is hoping that classes will be face to face in the fall. There will be a need for teachers so that social distancing can be maintained. Committee members are hoping that some parents will consider teaching since they have just completed working with their child at home this year.

OLD BUSINESS: No old business.

NEW BUSINESS: The graduation breakfast will be cancelled again this June due to COVID 19. Gifts for seniors will be purchased. Sue mentioned that the key chains that were given out last year were well received and may be a good gift again this year.

Kathy discussed revising our committee's goals. The first initiative would be to get more parishioners on the committee. This would allow us to create sub-committees that would plan things like

---family events

---adults events

---student events

---Mission Work

---Guest speakers for families at least once during the course of the year

A lengthy conversation was held about reinstating some sort of mission work for our high school students. The committee would like to pursue local mission work that students and adults could participate in several times throughout the year. This would allow the high school Christian Formation students to have multiple mission experiences by the time they are confirmed. Mission work ideas include: Second Harvest Food Pantry, Feeding America Food Bank and Dodge County Food Pantry to mention a few.

NEXT MEETING: April 19, 2021 at Sue Perry's home beginning at 6:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

by Vicky Hartwig


2) MEETING MINUTES -- October 12, 2020

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Vicky Hartwig, Bob Jamrozy, Mary Ognenoff, Debbie Krapfl 

ABSENT: Bonita Mangan

Minutes from our last meeting were reviewed and approved.






Respectfully Submitted:



(1) MEETING MINUTES -- July 13, 2020

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Bob Jamrozy, Mary Ognenoff, Vicky Hartwig

ABSENT: Debbie Krapfl and Bonita Mangan 

Minutes from our last meeting were reviewed and approved.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the 2019-2020 Christian Formation classes were cancelled from March to the end of the school year because of the Coronavirus outbreak. First Communions were held the last weekend in July and Confirmation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 5th.


GRADUATION BREAKFAST: This event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Graduation gifts were sent to the graduates.


HOW TO MOVE FORWARD: The committee discussed how to hold Christian Formation classes for the 2020-2021 school year in lieu of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of the issues with in-person classes were discussed such as: smaller classes (needing more teachers), masks for teachers and students, cleaning the school and classrooms before and after classes. After about 20 minutes of conversation on how to safely have classes in person the suggestion was made to move all Christian Formation classes to a virtual format. The committee felt that there was not a "safe" way to have in-person classes. The committee decided that a virtual format might be easier on families right now as it would allow for parents and students to complete their Christian Formation assignments when it was convenient for them instead of having to physically report to St. Mary's school for classes. Kathy will meet with the teachers to discuss planning and implementation of virtual classes.

NEXT MEETING: October 12th at Sue Perry's home beginning aT 6:00 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted:

Vicky Hartwig







 Anyone is invited to join us for any of our meetings. New members are always welcome!!