Parents Corner


I wasn't a brave child. I feared any situation that might bring pain or discomfort. Shots at the doctor. Finger pricks. And worst of all, the dentist. Nothing brought terror to my young mind quite like a trip to the man who wanted to poke me in the mouth with sharp objects. On purpose.

Ask my mom and she'll describe the day it took the combined strength of her and two dental assistants to hold me down so the dentiat could pull a tooth. As far as I was concerned, the pain of that tooth removal would kill me dead. There was no way I"d survive. And so I fought my white-coated tormentors like a honey badger cornered in a delicatessen. (I'm not sure a honey badger has ever been cornered in a deli, but it's fun to picture, isn't it?)

As I grew older, though, I learned something important. A trip to the dentist might hurt, but it would do no harm. I was slowly learning the difference between hurt and harm. Between discomfort and damage. A shot from the doctor might be uncormfortable, but it would do no damage. The hurt would pass quickly, and I would walk away just fine. This was a discomfort I need not fear.

And thus, the Christian life.

Life on earth is scary. There are car accidents, illnesses, terrorists, the Zika virus, presidential campaigns. As kids get older, they learn more and more about our scary world and all the harm that might befall them. And so most humans move between denial and despair. We deny that harm is inevitable. We buy insurance, alarm systems. We move to gated communities and take vitamins. We engage in quests to minimize and delay harm to ourselves and those we love.

But eventually harm finds us. We exercise and drink strange, green smoothies, but cancer finds us anyway. We drive carefully and wear seatbelts, but an accident can still take a loved one. And when all our preparations and precautions fail, we despair.

This is a typical human life. But it isn't a Christian life. The life of a Jesus follower is a whole different thing. As a Jesus follower, there's but one thing we truly need. The love of Jesus, His love guarantees a happy ending to my story and delivers the supernatural strength to get me to that happy ending. And what can separate me from the love of Jesus? You get it. Nothing!!

Nothing can rob me of a happy ending. Not cancer, Or a car accident. Or even, incredibly death itself. So, as a follower of Jesus, the pains of this life can hurt, but they can do no harm.

And this is what we can teach our kids. Life on earth will bring discomfort. It'll bring hurt. But when we follow Jesus, his love guarantees our happy ending. We can be hurt, but never ultimately harmed. We're safe. And when we know we're safe, something amazing happens.

We can live fearlessly.,

Food for thought!! 

May God continue to bless you in your all-important ministry as a parent!