How Can I Support the School

How Can I Help

Without spending any extra money?

There are several ways we can all help St. Mary School earn extra money and products without spending any extra money by purchasing products you already buy anyway.  The $crip program is by far the most profitable fund raiser we have in place and we encourage everyone to give the program a try.

Scrip: This is a program that simply exchanges cash for gift cards at face value.  The school purchases the gift cards at a discount and you, the consumer, purchase these cards at their face value.  This program gives back 1% of purchases to school families toward their tuition balances, up to $12,000 in the past 3 years toward the school operating budget, $1000 to the Home & School Association as well as donations to other programs and activities.  You can make $crip purchases after all weekend Masses, at the Parish Center, at the St. Mary's Daycare or dropping off order forms in the Parish Center or in collection baskets.  More information can be obtained by the weekend $crip sellers after Masses or calling the Parish Center at 387-2920, Ext. 337.  Click on $crip for an order form that can be printed.  Fill out the form and return to one of the above locations.  However, there are other programs that the school participates in that are easy to do and can earn our school the extra dollars to fund those items that are not covered in the normal operating budget.  Please read on...

Box Tops for Education Box Tops for Education : General Mills sponsors this program where cash for the school is earned toward the Home & School budget.  Cut the “box top” from participating products and turn them into the receptacles at St. Mary’s church and both schools.

My Coke Rewards:  Our school has joined the My Coke Rewards for Schools program.  That means by drinking the Coca-Cola products your family already enjoys, you can get My Coke Rewards points and donate them to help our school.  Your donations will go towards rewards like sports fun.  It's easy to donate:  1) Purchase your favorite Coca-Cola products to get codes (they're on hundred of different packages, in a variety of sizes and flavors).  2) Go to & sign in (register if you aren't a member).  3) Enter your codes to collect points - then search for our school to donate points.  4) Enter the amount of points you'd like to give, then click "Donate".  (Or, send your codes and caps with your child to school or drop off in back of Church if you do not want to create an account). 

Newspapers: Your old newspapers earn the school/parish  money!  Instead of throwing them out in the trash, drop them off in the middle garage door next to the rectory.  A team of volunteer school parents and parishioners help load a semi-trailer when the garage is full and the school/parish earns money.

As you can see, it takes very little effort and NO extra money out of your pocket to help our school benefit from your regular purchases as well as help to reduce the amount of garbage in our landfills!!  If you have any questions regarding any of these programs and how they work, please call the school office.  Thank you for everyone’s help in aiding our school earn the extras we wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise.  The students, parents and staff appreciate your effort and commitment to St. Mary School.


God bless and Thank you for your
continued support of St. Mary's School.
Your generosity is very much appreciated