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St. Mary's Child Care

28 Naber Street, Mayville, WI  53050  

 920-387-2920, Ext. 340

Diane Kempke, Childcare Director




The following is an overview of the workings of St. Mary’s Child Care.  Many of us who care for your children are working parents just like you.  We recognize that your Child Care decision is important and that you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible for you and your child.  We want to be your child’s “home away from home” while he or she is with us.  Feel free to communicate your needs to us, as we will do our best to communicate with you.  St. Mary’s Child Care is a wonderful stepping stone for preparing your child for school.  Being located in a school building, your child will hone basic school skills from lining up and quietly walking down the hallway to eating lunch in the cafeteria from a school lunch tray.  This may sound simple, but being comfortable in the school atmosphere can alleviate the stresses of the everyday activities of school and leave more room for learning when your child reaches school age.

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Please return completed registration forms to the address above.


        Hours of Operation – 5:30 am to 5:30 pm (as children are scheduled)
We are open year-round.  We will be closed for inclement weather if the Mayville School District decides to close.  We are open for late starts and early release days.  On non-school days, we are open if a sufficient number of children are scheduled for care during the majority of the hours care is needed.  A notice will be sent out ahead of time to sign up for care on these days.


       Cost for Care - Infants between 6 weeks to 2 years ($4.00/hour), ages 2 - 3 ($3.50/hour), and for children 3 years and up ($3.00/hour*). 
Billing is based on an hourly rate; time is rounded to the nearest ¼ hour.  You are billed for the hours your child is scheduled for care the upcoming week plus any extra hours they are in care (there is no minimum).  Planners are due before Noon on the Thursday before the week that care is needed.  Five sick days are allotted per year.  *Discounts available for families with more than one child over the age of 3.



        Ages - St. Mary’s Child Care accepts children from ages 6 weeks old to 12.
If your child is scheduled for care before or after pre-school your child will be walked to and from class.  Student-to-child ratios are within state guidelines.  There are always two or more workers on staff, except for opening and closing when student numbers are lowest. Student numbers are highest after school, at that time there are 3 or more staff members.


Snacks – There is a snack fee of $18.00 per child (Maximum $36/family).  It is charged 1st and 2nd semester and summer. It includes 2 snacks per day served at 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.  Children are not allowed to bring their own snacks because of food allergies of others.  Staff will take into account food allergies and serve accordingly.  

Lunch – During the school year you may use the school’s hot lunch program or bring a cold lunch.  (We are peanut/nut free so if you send a lunch, please keep this in mind.)