Hall Usage Policy/Rental Info

St. Andrew Parish Hall is now available for use!

In addition to a fully functional kitchen, this beautiful new building provides seating for up to 250 people and would be a great site to consider for a variety of events!  Pricing is as follows (and please see the attached Policy, or contact any of the committee members noted below for further information):

FUNERALS no charge $100.00
HALL ONLY $100.00 $150.00
HALL & KITCHEN $150.00 $200.00
KITCHEN ONLY (4 hrs.) $50.00 $100.00
WEDDINGS & RECEPTIONS $250.00 $400.00



  • "Parishioner" includes any current member (individual or family) or any active committee of St. Andrew, St. Mary, or St. Theresa.
  • "Hall Only" rental is intend for those needing to rent hall space only with no meals being served. The kitchen will not be accessible for hall-only rentals.

For additional information or to request use of the facility, please contact one of the following Hall Rental Committee members:

Greg Hartwig (Manager) (920) 904-0953
John Oechsner (920) 948-9129
Terry Bauer (920) 602-5838
Judy Bauer (920) 979-2539
Debbie Krapfl (920) 960-0663