Youth Activity Page


How well do you know the answers to these questions?

Work on them as a family - print out a copy - turn your sheet in to Kathy - win a prize.

1. What is the first season on the Church calendar?

a) Lent   b) Advent   c) Easter    d) Christmas

2. The readings at Mass for the first weeks of Advent focus on Jesus' second coming and the judgment of the world.

a) True     b)False

3. Advent lasts how long?

a) for 40 days   b) until the Christmas sales end    c) until the groundhog appears

d) four weeks

4. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and ransom captive (what)?

a) Israel    b) Pokémon   c) Hostages   d) Prisoners

5. Jesus' cousin's name is what?

a) Joseph   b) Myron    c) John the Baptist   d) George

6. When the Virgin Mary announced that she was pregnant, everyone was happy.

a) True    b) False

7. Mary was the mother of who?

a) John the Baptist   b) God but not Jesus   c) God    d) Jesus but not God

8. Mary was a teenager when the angel told her she would be the mother of God's son.

a) True    b) False

9. When John baptized people, he was in what river?

a)   Mississippi   b) Amazon   c) Nile   d) Jordan

10) When will the kingdom of God begin?

a) When Jesus returns   b) when Mary conceived Jesus in her womb

c) when people stop sinning   d) the end of the world

11) Christmas celebrates what?

a) the beginning of Lent   b) Christ's resurrection   c) the birth of Christ

d) the arrival of Santa

12) St. Francis was there when Jesus was born?

a) True   b) False

13) Jesus, Mary and Joseph are members of what?

a) Holy Name Society   b) Holy Club   c) Holy Trinity   d) Holy Family

14) The Magi who visited the newborn Jesus were what?

a) wise men from the East  b) types of bugs   c) young magicians

d) from the town of Magiopolis

15) Christmas lights are a symbol of Jesus, who is the what?

a) Rudolph's nose   b) light of the world   c) the sun    d) flashlight

16) The word crèche means what?

a) "Candy canes" in Russian   b) "jump like a French ballet dancer"    c) "Crush" in French   d) a representation of the Nativity scene

17. Mary and Joseph traveled from Nazareth to "where", even though Mary was nine months pregnant?

a) Jerusalem   b) Bethlehem   c) Rome    d) Egypt

18. It was snowing when Jesus was born on the first Christmas?

a) True    b) False

19. The Feast of the Annunciation celebrates what?

a) the angel's announcement to Mary that she would be Jesus' mother

b) the birth of Jesus

c) Jesus' graduation from college

d) when Jesus told Pontius Pilate that he was God

20. Joseph found a fancy hotel for Mary to rest in before she went to the hospital to deliver the baby Jesus?

a) True   b) False