Religious Education


(Message from the Director)


In our combined, three parish program, we see each student as a unique and cherished gift from God.

We are committed to working with families to help students grow in faith by proclaiming the message of Jesus, helping them to serve others, and providing prayer opportunities.

Our excellent team of catechists help stimulate creativity and interest by using a variety of learning formats and educational techniques.

Through our religious education program we feel that catechists and parents, working together, can only enrich each other as we share our gift of faith.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site.       

                                                                             Kathy Ritger, Director

Our combined parish program (St. Mary's/St. Andrew's/St. Theresa's) meets in Mayville, Wisconsin at the St. Mary's school site, 28 Naber Street. Our classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. for grades Kindergarten through second; and on Wednesday evening for grades three through eleven (different dates and times for different grade levels).




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 2017/2018 MEETING MINUTES........

(5) MEETING MINUTES -- May 14, 2018

PRESENT: Sue Perry, Kathy Ritger, Mary Lou Trauba, Debbie Krapfl

ABSENT: Mary Ognenoff, Jeff McKean, Bonita Mangan

The committee approved the minutes from our March meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that registration materials have gone out for the 2018/2019 CCD year. There are no changes with tuition. The every-other-week schedule will be maintained and Kathy is still reviewing the best options to achieve the 30 hours/CCD year now required. The final outdoor Mass for high school will be held on Wednesday night (5/16). Confirmation practice is on Sunday 5/20 with Confirmation being held on Wednesday 5/23.

Kathy will be following up with Mary Ognenoff regarding getting a presentation set up for the CCD teachers regarding blood borne pathogens. Kathy will be sending a teacher survey out shortly.

GRADUATION BREAKFAST: This will be held on Sunday, June 3rd immediately following the 8:00 a.m. Mass at St. Andrew's. The breakfast has now returned to the St. Andrew Parish hall. Announcements to the 7th grade families regarding assistance as well as invitations have also been sent out. Debbie will complete a worker's list for the 7th grade families and will get it to Kathy to send out. Debbie will also confirm supplies available currently and let Sue/Kathy know to complete planning for the breakfast. Leroy Meats will again be preparing and delivering the meal.

2017 GOAL--FOCUS ON YOUTH: Bob Lenz was able to attend class on May 2 to help promote Lifest 2018. It was a very energetic presentation and it is hoped that our youth will take advantage of the 10% admission discount he provided. Jeff McKean is also working to promote the basketball tournament at Lifest and has sent out flyers in support of this.

MISSION EXPERIENCES: With the groups decision to move from a mission "trip" to offering mission "experiences" throughout the school year, it was felt that this first year went well. There were a couple of bumps along the way, but we discussed way's to improve this same process for next year. The mission core team will be meeting this summer to devise a presentation for the 2018/2019 school year that will be a little more "in depth" in comparison to this year. We feel that this is a very good plan overall and just requires some tweaking. Debbie needs to speak to Kathy about putting in a bulletin update regarding the current status of our mission trip/experiences due to some inquiries from our parish family. As our goal is to ultimately offer a summer experience of some sort, we need to maintain the support of our parish family as we have in the past.


OPPORTUNITY FAIR: This year's Opportunity Fair will be held on July 15th in conjunction with the outdoor Mass at St. Theresa. Our committee will need to supply/support a table for the fair. We need to be identifying new members!

NEXT MEETING: l Please watch for the updated meeting schedule for the 2018/2019 year from Kathy. See everyone in August. Enjoy the summer break!

Respectfully submitted:

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary


(4) MEETING MINUTES -- March 12, 2018


PRESENT: Sue Perry, Kathy Ritger, Bonita Mangan, Debbie Krapfl

ABSENT: Mary Lou Trauba, Jeff McKean

Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy noted that the CCD year is quickly drawing to a close. There will be 18 youth receiving their first Communion as well as 20 youth receiving Confirmation. There is a student from Concordia working with the Sunday CCD classes as part of her college course. When Kathy sent out the Progress Reports, she included a survey to the parents regarding the current CCD format (every other week), time slot, thoughts about overall impact of CCD, etc. in preparation for possibly needing to make some changes to make sure Archdiocese guidelines are being followed. This survey confirmed that with very little exception, parents are content with the current program. All responses will be taken into consideration when planning for the 2018-2019 CCD year.

Kathy also confirmed that Bob Lenz will be able to visit with the 9th/10th grade classes this year -- either the first Wednesday in April or the first Wednesday in May to help promote Lifest 2018.

MISSION TRIP: The 9th/10th grade students signed up for service projects this year in lieu of a mission trip and although we've met with some issues throughout the process, it is felt that we will take this same route next year. The biggest issue encountered is that it appeared some of the youth quickly lost interest after signing up, or possibly didn't understand that an active part in the project was required when deciding to sign up. Regardless, we will be instituting better "guidelines" with next year's projects and will be very clear that signing up does indicate a commitment that we will expect -- and individual service projects (with the approval of Kathy R.) are still an option. We have one group that completed serving a brunch at the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee; another group will be working with Feeding America on the morning of Good Friday followed by attending Good Friday services; and a third group will be serving a meal at the Open Door Café in Milwaukee. We have 2 additional groups that have met with issues regarding completing their projects and we will be working with them to provide other options.

2018 GOAL: Our 2018 goal remains Focus on Youth with increased participation at 2018 Lifest.

GRADUATION BREAKFAST: Graduation Breakfast will be held on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 immediately following the 8:00 a.m. Mass at St. Andrew's. We will again be using Leroy Meats to make and deliver the meal with the committee and 7th grade youth/families assisting with set up, serving, clean up, etc. Debbie will update all required documentation and get that to Kathy within the next week.


FELLOWSHIP: The Christian Formation Committee has Fellowship Sunday coming up on May 6th at the St. Andrew Parish Hall. Sue will order/pick up donuts, juice and milk. Debbie will start coffee prior to Mass. All CFC members are asked to please plan on attending and assisting with duties as needed.

RESIGNATION: Lisa Zangl informed the committee that she needs to resign at this time.

NEXT MEETING: May 14, 2018, 6:00 p.m., Sue Perry's home.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary  


(3) MEETING MINUTES - January 8, 2018

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Lisa Zangl, Mary Ognenoff, Bonita Mangan, Mary Lou Trauba 

ABSENT: Jeff McKean

Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that we are halfway through the CCD year and everything seems to be going well. She inquired with teachers about the new format/timing for classes and it was felt that meeting every other week was well supported, but now there may be a little more time needed to cover the required materials. We discussed possibly transitioning from a 11/2 hour class to 13/4 hour or possibly 2 hours. Kathy also reported that the new Archdiocese requirements for CCD will increase class time to 30 hours/CCD year and this should not included liturgical celebrations or Mass. Kathy will be reviewing the current schedule to see where modifications can be made, possibly even reaching out to parents for suggestions with this new requirement. The Archdiocese is also stating we should be offering classes for all students K-12. Kindergarten is already offered and we do already offer (and do receive participation) from 12th graders through the annual youth rally and mission experiences. We will continue to explore other options for 12th grade to elicit further participation. Mary Ognenoff will do some research regarding offering our CCD instructors training on Blood Born Pathogens, which is also a new Archdiocese requirement.


MISSION TRIP: The individual service groups are all up and running -- and adult leaders are working with their groups regarding learning more about the selected service options (i.e. Feeding America, Loaves and Fishes, Ronald McDonald House, St. Ben's, House of Peace, etc.) and designing a specific service to be held for each by the end of this CCD year. Debbie will be following up with all adult leaders via email for an update. 


LIFEFEST: Kathy will be reaching out to LifeFest leaders regarding speaking to our youth about this year's event, trying to receive flyers, brochures, tickets, etc. We will be promoting this event as much as possible this year -- and also asking Jeff McKean if he would be willing to organize a basketball team or two to engage in this year's basketball tournament at Life Fest.

 GRADUTAION BREAKFAST: The team confirmed that the graduation breakfast for 2018 will be held at St. Andrew's Hall (June 3rd) and we will be using Leroy Meats of Horicon to cook and deliver the meal again. Further planning will be held during upcoming meetings.


FELLOWSHIP: It was announced that Christian Formation will be in charge of Fellowship on Sunday, May 6th at St. Andrew Hall.

NEXT MEETING: March 12, 2018 -- Sue Perry's home.


Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary


(2) MEETING MINUTES - October 16, 2017

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Lisa Zangl, Mary Ognenoff

ABSENT: Bonita Mangan, Jeff McKean, Mary Lou Trauba

Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the new CCD year is off to a good start. The new format for classes seems to be going over very well for students and teachers, as well as the larger class sizes. Confirmation retreat is scheduled for early November. The "Saints in Training" theme for the younger classes is also going well with kids eagerly accumulating cards and even wanting to find out more about the new saint cards they receive.


MISSION TRIP: As discussed during our last meeting, it was decided to forego a formal "mission trip" in lieu of a more informal program that will involve more of our youth. During the "Welcome Back" night -- the youth and their families were presented with options for performing more local "missions" with various programs and were given some time to decide their options. Kathy reported that literally every youth in the 9th and 10th grade program has signed up for a program. Debbie is going to bring the core team together (along with some other interested parents) to assign an adult leader to each program -- and then ask that the leaders work with their assigned groups accordingly to see this through. Kathy offered to take over the group that selected House of Peace to try and squeeze in one service option with this group prior to Christmas. The high school classes will meet again 11/8, so we hope to have more organization in place by that time.


LIFEST: Lifest is identified as one of our youth offerings this year and as such, Kathy has reached out to Bob Lenz to address our youth one evening to help further promote. Bob has also started a new program, "Dignity Revolution" which we hope to learn more about in the future also. We also discussed discussed starting planning early to create teams for the 3:3 Basketball Torunament held at Lifest.

Along with Lifest, the Christian Formation Committee is also committed to assisting with the re-organized mission events to help further success in any manner needed.


FAMILY PERSPECTIVE WORKSHOP: Kathy presented the committee with a handout entitled "Family Perspectives: Pathways to Engaging Families in Faith" which offers a training day to teach attendees how to implement ministry specific to "families" with 3 different dates offered for training followed up by an on-site consultation with specific group(s) to help design and further foster engagement on the family level. The committee thought this was a great idea and definitely worth pursuing. Mary O. offered to attend with Kathy (if available) to either the 2/1/18 or 5/1/18 training sessions.

NEXT MEETING: January 8, 2018 -- 6:00 P.M. at Sue Perry's home. This will be our annual Holiday Meeting, so please bring a small treat to share.

PRAYER ASSIGNMENT:  Jeff McKean (Mary provided prayer in Jeff's absence at this meeting).

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary


(1) MEETING MINUTES - August 21, 2017

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Bonita Mangan, Lisa Zangl, Mary Lou Trauba, Mary Ognenoff, Jeff McKean 


Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the theme for the upcoming CCD year will be "Saints in Training" and there are various things planned around this theme, i.e. having a different saint featured each month, having students earn a saint card or token when seen doing good deeds, etc. and having them turn these in at the end of the year for various prizes. There is still a need for a couple more teachers and the plan is to try "team teaching" this year -- instead of having two classes for each grade, there will be one class taught by two teachers with 3rd-4th-5th grade classes meeting from 6:00-7:30 one week followed by 6th-7th-8th grade classes for the same time frame the opposite weeks. Increasing the class times and alternating will still meet the time requirements. Ben Wagner will be returning to teach our 9th and 10th grade classes with the assistance of small group leaders. Confirmation class will again be lead by Dave Van Krey. The Confirmation retreat will be the second weekend in November.


MISSION TRIP: Debbie reported that the core team decided to forego a weeklong mission trip in the summer of 2018 and instead will be presenting to our 9th, 10th and 11th grade classes the option to volunteer for day missions more locally. We are looking to coordinate school and church calendars to identify a few week day options for interested youth to volunteer and help organize opportunities with groups like Feeding America, Second Harvest, St. Ben's, various local food pantries, etc. We also discussed working with the Capuchin Community Services/House of Peace and have a representative come out to work with our group to collect food to make Thanksgiving or Christmas boxes for needy families. We will further discuss the option of possibly doing a weekend "urban plunge" in Milwaukee sometime in the spring or summer once we determine the interest of our youth. The Christian Formation Committee will be focusing on youth events as the goal for this year and will assist the core team with this plan. The goal is to offer smaller, more local opportunities for service to better engage our youth and help grow our program, looking forward to expanding options for service to possible out of state/bigger opportunities depending upon how this plan develops. Debbie will be working to create a PowerPoint that can be presented on Welcome Back night with the assistance of our core team/past attendees and will work with Kathy to present this years options accordingly.

LIFEST: Jeff and his family attended Lifest this year with his children and a couple of their friends taking part in the basketball tournament held on Saturday. Jeff did provide some volunteer time to this event and also stated that youth are also able to volunteer and stated this would be a good option to provide to our youth. It was suggested that we put more time and effort into promoting Lifest for 2018 as part of our committee's goal and really try to get more youth to attend. Kathy will try to get Bob Lenz for a presentation sometime during the school year and the committee will discuss further options to "over promote" this event, noting also that 2018 will be the 20th anniversary of Lifest.

GRADUATION BREAKFAST: The breakfast was held on June 3rd, utilizing the St. Mary's gym this year due to the construction of the new St. Andrew Hall. The breakfast was made/delivered by Leroy Meats and went over well and the committee thought we would probably utilize Leroy Meats in the same manner for future breakfasts. The $7.50/per person charge (grads free) was discussed and this cost did meet Leroy Meats costs for the meal just fine, but the costs of decorating the hall/providing door prizes did exceed. It was decided that we will discuss increasing the cost of the breakfast to $8.00/per person (grads free) for 2018 and the committee will also discuss ways to decrease costs overall, particularly with decorations, door prizes, etc.


TERM; EXPIRATIONS: Term expirations for Sue, Mary and Bonita were discussed. Sue and Mary did confirm remaining on the committee another term. Bonita will confirm her decision in the near future.

GOALS FOR 2017/2018 SCHOOL YEAR: This year the committee will focus on Youth as our goal, teaming up with the mission trip core team to offer smaller, more local mission experiences throughout the school year and also focusing on Lifest as our big "event", with a goal to get more youth to attend Lifest in 2018.

LOMIRA KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: We received an inquiry from the Lomira Knights of Columbus asking what their group could do to further assist our Religious Education program. The team quickly determined that if the Lomira KC's could be counted on to assist with transportation needs this year that would be significant aid for us. As we look to plan day mission opportunities and hopefully a bigger attendance at Lifest, transportation was easily identified as an area that often causes issues. Kathy will get this request back to the Knights.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will take place October 16, 2017, 6:00 p.m. at Sue Perry's home.


Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary


 2016/2017 MEETING MINUTES.........

MEETING MINUTES - August 29, 2016

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Bonita Mangan, Mary Ognenoff

ABSENT: Lisa Zangl and Mary Lou Trauba

Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the new CCD year will start for K-8 on 9/14 and high school will start on 10/5. There is a need for one 5th grade teacher and one 6th grade teacher and Kathy is working on that. There is also some need for office help. Bonita agreed to assist again as needed, and Debbie also indicated that she could be contacted also.

Inspirio will again be helping out with our high school program. We have also received some interest from 2 parishioners interested in finding out more regarding training to be a part-time youth minister, eventually replacing Inspirio for the high school program. We will not be utilizing Inspirio for our Confirmation retreat this year.


MISSION TRIP: Mission Trip was completed the second week in July. We utilized Inspirio this year -- it was a good experience. The youth did indicate that they would have appreciated more of what we have historically done with YNIA as there was more youth involvement during that entire week. Debbie reported that Inspirio does middle-school mission experiences for a 2-night/3day experience and we may benefit by looking into that sort of an opportunity and then building our high school experience around it? It was decided by the group that we would take a year off from planning a full week mission experience in 2017 -- and look to offer something again in Wisconsin to keep the youth involved, i.e. LifeFest, Reach In/Reach out in Milwaukee, or something similar and take this time to re-group and better decide how we want to organize and offer mission experiences starting again in 2018. We will discuss again in October and in the meantime will research various opportunities to offer our youth this coming summer.

INSPIRIO: We have renewed our 1-year agreement with Inspirio to help with our high school CCD program. We will not be working with Inspirio for our Confirmation retreat this year, but will pursue working through them to educate someone to eventually replace Inspirtio, ultimately taking over the high school program.

GRADUATION BREAKFAST: Graduation was reported as a success again this year, and it was noted that the $7.50 per plate charge remained adequate as the income almost matched the expenses completely. With this in mind, we will  maintain the same pricing for the 2017 breakfast. Debbie reported that it is very likely construction will begin on the new St. Andrew School Hall in the spring of 2017, meaning that we will need to address our graduation breakfast and probably hold it at St. Mary's. We discussed possibly having the breakfast first on graduation day and moving the Mass to the 10:30 time slot. We will discuss this further as plans regardin the St.Andrew School Hall firm up.

We also had very good feedback on the gifts provided to our graduating seniors from their "church family" and it was decided that we would maintain this practice moving forward.


2016-2017 GOALS: We will again host One Enchanted Evening this year, but may need to identify a new location depending upon the status of the St. Andrew School Hall. We have tentatively set a date of February 12th, 2017. Debbie will check with Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ketterhagen on possibly leading a couples session for us that evening. We will discuss this again at our October meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary



PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Bonita Mangan, Lisa Zangl, Mary Lou Trauba

ABSENT: Mary Ognenoff

Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the CCD school year is off to a good start. There is still a need for one 5th grade and one 6th grade teacher and for the time being 5th grade is being addressed as one cass and Kathy is teaching the second 6th grade class. As nobody stepped forward to assist with office duties, Kathy did move forward and has assigned parents accordingly. Ispirio is teaching the 9th/10th grade classes again this year and the first Service Day is this coming Saturday, 10/22. There is also still some interest from 2 adults for possibly taking the position as our "youth minister" -- both are involved as small group leaders at this time. 


MISSION TRIP: Kathy did some investigation on Reach Out/Reach In -- a mission offering in Milwaukee that would be held July 9-14. The group discussed this possibility and agreed this does seem to be a viable option for 2017. We will discuss further at our next meeting and feel it is safe to wait until January to offer this to our youth. Debbie will update one of the PowerPoint presentations that can be used when making a presentation to our youth about attending this mission trip. Debbie will discuss with Kathy if it is feasible to just start spreading the word (even if just via email to past mission trip attendees?) the fact that we will be offering a mission trip this coming summer -- and for those interested to be "on the look out" for further information after the holidays.

 INSPIRIO: No new updates at this time. As stated above, Inspirio is again teaching our 9th/10th grade classes with the assistance of small group leaders. We have returned to offering a light meal just prior to the start of class, which is going well. Parents are once again assisting with the preparation/clean up.

Dave Van Krey has returned as our Confirmation instructor.

ONE ENCHANTED EVENING: We will be offering this event again this year. The date is confirmed for Sunday, February 19th. Kathy has identified a couple from Beaver Dam who are interested in making a presentation at this event. She will contact them to confirm the day/time. In lieu of construction/heating issues at St. Andrew School Hall, we will be holding this year's event at St. Mary's School Hall. Sue will work on getting a "Save the Date" announcement in the church bulletin in late December/early January and we will construct the invitation/bulletin insert at our next meeting. Contact will be made with Leroy Meats accordingly for catering for this event.

2016-2017 GOALS: In addition to One Enchanted Evening, the team thought it viable to continue also with plans to offer LifeFest to our youth this year. The scheduled dates for LifeFest are July 6-9. We will explore this offering again at our next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be on MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2017 at Sue Perry's home. In addition to our meeting, this will be our annual holiday "get-together" and everyone is asked to bring something small to share.

Lisa Zangl has the prayer assignment for this meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary 



 PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Bonita Mangan, Lisa Zangl, Mary Lou Trauba, Mary Ognenoff


Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy reported that the CCD year is progressing along well. It was identified that Kathy is still teaching one of the 6th grade classes, which is somewhat difficult for her to do and also maintain her other duties accordingly. The committee brainstormed some ideas regarding working with the parents for a resolve and Kathy is going to try and follow up on a couple of our thoughts to see if she can get some assistance form 6th grade parents.


MISSION TRIP: It was decided that we are going to put the 2017 Mission Trip on hold and instead will focus on providing an opportunity with LifeFest, which will be held in Oshkosh July 6-9. We feel that LifeFest is an excellent opportunity to get our youth more deeply engaged and would work more in our favor for planning a mission trip again in 2018. Sue Perry is going to work on providing a bulletin notice regarding our plans and the team will further work towards promoting LifeFest as the 2017 option. We are also going to take this time to re-establish a Core Planning Team for future mission trips.

INSPIRIO: It was announced that Inspirio will be closing their doors effective early 2017. They will be honoring their agreement with us regarding our 9th/10th/11th grade CCD programs. We have started early discussion regarding how we will move forward with these same grades and are reaching out to various people regarding taking over the planning process. The team thought of possibly hosting some sort of "recruitment" event to enlist better support from our parish family, specifically those who have children in the CCD programs. We will discuss this option further at our March meeting.

ONE ENCHANTED EVENING: We will be offering this event again this year. The date is Sunday, February 19th. The event will be held at St. Mary's School Hall. Debbie is going to check with Leroy Meats regarding catering the same meal we have offered in the past, as well as updated pricing. Sue Perry will update the flyer in preparation for insertion in the Bulletin and also will provide to Mary Ognenoff. Mary has a contact within Grande Cheese that needs the flyer in order to proceed with a cheese donation for this event. We will be taking reservations after all the Masses the weekends on 1/29, 2/4, and 2/11. Debbie will reach out regarding our options for offering wine at this event also, possibly through a donation.

NEW BUSINESS: Debbie distributed the One% Challenge to the committee which was recently completed by the Parish Council. We reviewed the challenge -- the team was requested to complete before Lent -- at which time the Challenge will be rolled out to parish families. The Challenge was very well accepted.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be MONDAY, MARCH 13, 6:00 P.M. at Sue Perry's home. We will proceed with planning One Enchanted Evening as necessary via email/phone.

Respectfully Submitted.

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary


Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2017

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Bonita Mangan, Lisa Zangl, Mary Ognenoff, Jeff McKean (new member)

ABSENT: Mary Lou Trauba

Minutes were approved from our last meeting.

DRE REPORT: Kathy R. reported that the CCD year is quickly coming to a close and she is working on closing events for each class. We had 16 youth attend the Catholic Youth Rally this past weekend at Carroll University in Waukesha, and this is an increase from years past. The Rally is gaining attendance each year and we'll continue to promote attendance with our youth. Kathy spoke with Janine Baudhuin, who has moved out of our area and is willing to still assist with Highway Clean-up, but would like to have someone else spearhead this project from within the community. Kathy will organize the event for this spring, and the team discussed some options for continuing to do this 3 times/year moving forward, including offering it as an option for CCD service hours for our youth in 6th grade through high school.


MISSION TRIP: We are not doing a formal mission trip this summer and the core team will be regrouping (new members?) and will plan on organizing a trip again for the summer of 2018. Sue Perry is going to create a bulletin insert that announces this decision, as well as our goal to promote Lifest 2017 in Oshkosh, WI Lifest will take place July 6-9 and Kathy has been in touch with Bob Lenz regarding speaking to our youth to help promote this event, but he is unable to attend and provided another name. Kathy is going to contact this gentleman and organize this for the closing Mass. Kathy and Sue will work to provide a handout for our youth that further promotes Lifest and attendance. Bob Lenz offered Kathy a discounted admission for our youth and the committee discussed a possible "Mayville Day" -- hoping to get our youth to attend with families.

INSPIRIO/Direction for High School Programs: Our contract will formally end with Inspirio at the end of this contract year and as stated at our past meeting, Inspirio has closed their doors, so the team discussed our options for moving forward with the direction of our high school programs. Joe Nettesheim (former Director of Inspirio) has contacted Kathy with some options he would like us to consider and Kathy will speak with him further and engage the rest of the committee based on her findings. We also discussed the possibility of having a "shared" youth minister with a local church(es) and we will look into this option further also.

ONE ENCHANTED EVENING: This event was successfully held on Sunday, February 19th with great feedback from the 14 couples who attended. We reviewed the notes taken regarding meal planning, set up, etc. and look forward to offering this event again in 2019.

GRADUATION BREAKFAST: The Graduation Breakfast will be held on Sunday, June 4th and will begin with 8:00 a.m. Mass at St. Andrew's Church followed by the breakfast at St. Mary's School gym starting at 9:30 a.m. Debbie will update the paperwork and send it to Kathy Ritger, who will start working with the 7th grade families. Debbie is going to pursure pricing from Leroy Meats to make/deliver the meal this year versus purchasing the supplies and making it ourselves. We will still serve the meal the same way we have in the past. Debbie will share her findings with the team at our next meeting.

GIFTS FOR SENIORS: Sue will start exploring options for gifts to give our graduating seniors again this year during the breakfast. The team did think the keychains provided last year were a great idea -- and Sue will start looking for options and will discuss/select with Kathy. We will present them again this year at the breakfast.

FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY/APRIL 2ND: Christian Formation was assigned this duty on Sunday, 4/2 at St. Andrew's, but with the new hall project underway, Fellowship Sundays are temporarily on hold.


OPPORTUNITY FAIR 2017: The Opportunity Fair will be held this year on May 20th/21st at the 4:30 p.m. St. Mary's, 8:00 a.m. St. Andrew Mass and again at 10:30 at St. Mary's.  Weather permitting, the event will be held outside after each Mass and each committee is tasked with their own tables/table displays, etc. We will further discuss details at our next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be on Monday, May 8th at 6:00 p.m. at Sue Perry's home.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary


Meeting Minutes - May 16, 2017

PRESENT: Kathy Ritger, Sue Perry, Debbie Krapfl, Bonita Mangan, Lisa Zangl, Mary Lou Trauba

ABSENT: Mary Ognenoff, Jeff McKean

DRE REPORT: The 2016/2017 CCD year has come to an end. Registrations have gone out for the 2017/2018 CCD year and some are starting to come back in already. There were no changes in the CCD fees.


MISSION TRIP: Debbie is working towards contacting previous core team members, as well as inquiring with some possible new members for a meeting in the mid-July time frame. We are looking towards planning a mission trip again for summer 2018 and need to be prepared to address the 9th, 10th and 11th grade classes at the start of the CCD year again.

LIFEST: Kathy received 15 free tickets for the Lifest event which will be held in Oshkosh July 6-9. She promoted this event at the closing mass for the 9th,10th and 11th grade -- and will continue to promote through the bulletins for the upcoming weeks. The committee also decided that it would be worthwhile to promote this event at the Graduation Breakfast on June 4th, placing flyers on the tables. As we have 15 free tickets, the committee also decided that we would write down the names of those contacting Kathy for the free tickets -- and then see how many inquiries we have, potentially purchasing some more tickets in order to truly promote our youth attending this event.

INSPIRIO/DIRECTION FOR HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM: Kathy was contacted by Joe Nettesheim (previously with Inspirio) and he has requested to provide a proposal to our committee regarding him continuing to work with our high school youth. He is now working on his own and feels there still remains a widespread need for the type of service we received through Inspirio. The committee agreed that it woul be worthwhile for him to proceed with a proposal and we can discuss specifics with him this summer. Kathy will contact him to make this request and will alert the team regarding a summer meeting. Kathy was also contacted by Ben Wagner, who actually taught our 9th/10th grade classes last year through the Inspirio program. He is also no longer with Inspirio, but expressed an interest to continue teaching for us. The committee discussed the potential further, possible fees, etc. and Kathy will contact Ben to let him know we are considering his request and we'll reach out to him again in the near future.

GRADUATION BREAKFAST: The Graduation Breakfast will be held on Sunday, June 4th, and will begin with 8:00 a.m. Mass at St. Andrew's church followed by the breakfast at St. Mary's school gym starting at 9:30 a.m. Debbie contacted LeRpoy Meats, who will be actually making the breakfast for us this year and delivering it to St. Mary's School between 8:45 and 9:00 a.m. They quoted us a price that pretty much matches what we were charging anyway, so it seemed the best route to go in lieu of using different facilities this year. Debbie will purchase beverages and donuts. Sue Perry will provide the table decorations, door prizes, plates, bowls, plasticware and napkins. The worker's list for the 7th grade families will be distributed soon.

GIFTS FOR SENIORS: Sue purchased keychains for our graduating seniors again this year, which will be presented to them at the graduation breakfast. The committee received great feedback regarding this last year and look forward to continuing this as a new trqadition, reminding our graduating seniors that they have the full support of their church family as they move into their new future.


MINISTRY FAIR 2017: The Ministry Fair will be held this year on May 20th/21st at the 4:30 p.m. St. Mary's, 8:00 a.m. St. Andrew Mass and again at 10:30 at St. Mary's. Weather permitting, the event will be held outside after each mass and each committee is tasked with their own tables/table displays, etc. Bonita volunteered to help at the 4:30 mass and Debbie will be present for the 8:00 a.m. Mass. Kathy will take care of the 10:30 mass. Any other available members are welcome to assist.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be in AUGUST at Sue Perry's home, please watch for the new schedule to be sent out. We may also have an extra meeting this summer in regard to our 9th/10th grade program -- and members will be contacted if we proceed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Krapfl, Secretary



 Anyone is invited to join us for any of our meetings. New members are always welcome!!