Parents Corner


Reflections on Raising Children Today

A Special Message to Parents:

Values....Teaching in Today's World

Communicating your values has never been more important than it is today. And the good news is, it all begins and ends with you.

When all is said and done, parents have more influence over instilling values in their children than any other factor.

Here are some simple, and very important things we should all remember about values, and passing them along:

---Kids get their sense of what's right and wrong from people they love and respect. No one has more influence over teaching values than you do. Your input can make all the difference!

---When it comes to teaching values . . . actions always speak louder than words Children need to see the values lived out by you. Respect for life, respect for other people, honesty, integrity . . .  kids get those by watching you.

---Families are still the best vehicle for raising children. A loving, nurturing family unit, of whatever form, creates the kind of environment kids need to learn what's right from wrong . . .  and how to love themselves, too.

---Always strive to teach your kids to love and respect themselves as children of God. A healthy love and respect for themselves is incredibly important for any kids. It's also the first essential step in helping a kid learn to love and respect those around him/her.


None of us were ever taught to be parents. So we can't help but disappoint ourselves sometimes. How often have you heard yourself using the very same words you hated hearing from your own parents?

And when our kids become teenagers, it gets even harder. They seem to reject everything we've taught them. As far as they're concerned, we know nothing. Our values and beliefs are constantly challenged. Every word we utter is seen as interference. Emotions run high.

But we're more important to our teens than ever. They want to try out the values of their peers, who can be very influential with the pull of drugs and alcohol. Teens encounter this pull every day and it can ruin their lives.


Teenagers who don't get what they need at home look elsewhere. Some run away from home. Many more consider other ways of running from pressure . . .  a once bright and happy son escapes to drugs . . . a vivacious daughter starts drinking.

Think about these facts:

---Each year, one million students drop out of high school or are chronically truant.

---Four out of ten teenage girls will become pregnant before the age of 20.

Food for thought!! 

May God continue to bless you in your all-important ministry as a parent!