Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form

Electronic Funds Transfer is the easiest way for you to contribute regularly to St. Mary's, St. Andrew's and St. Theresa's without having to write out another check or use another postage stamp. It is simple, safe and good stewardship of time and money.

Contributor Information

Financial Institution Information

Contribution Information

to deduct my monthly donation from my checking or savings account listed in the amount of:

which is to be applied to the fund and/or funds I have designated below. I understand that St. Mary's / St. Andrew's / St. Theresa's have set up the transactions to be run on approximately the 20th of each month. I also understand that I am in full control of my contributions, and if at any time I decide to make any changes or discontinue this service, I will notify St. Mary's / St. Andrew's / St. Theresa's in writing.

The dollar amount above is to be applied as follows: (NOTE: You may contribute to one or any combination of funds below. Money contributed to Stewardship is a general purpose fund, meaning the money can be used to pay for any type of overhead. Money contributed to the other funds are restricted, meaning the money can only be used for the stated purpose).

The total of all funds should equal the authorized amount above.